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The Bachelorette gets down with her final 3: The overnight dates!

Can you believe the finale of The Bachelorette is almost upon us? Check out the preview of what goes down when Ashley Hebert heads to Fiji with her final three men. Will the overnight dates be a steamy love-romp or just confuse her more? Plus, you’ll never guess who shows up at her door.

It’s down to J.P., Constantine and Ben F. on The Bachelorette and Ashley Hebert isn’t showing any signs of being 100 percent sure of who she wants in the finale.

The Bachelorette

Hopefully this week, Ashley Hebert will make up her mind when she takes the men to Fiji for some overnight dates. We’re not sure exactly what’s happening in the above picture but it looks like someone was in need of some serious SPF.

Not to spoil the fun, but we’ve already heard the rumblings that by the end of the episode Constantine eliminates himself, we’re just waiting to see exactly how it all goes down. Seriously, Constantine eliminates himself? Poor Ames got ditched for that?

Another surprise lands on Ashley Hebert’s doorstep and while we know who’s knocking we’re not going to spoil it for you — but you may already know. If you think it’s Bentley Williams, just keep moving on because that isn’t happening — guess again. She wouldn’t look that pleasantly surprised in the preview.

It’s been a long road and we just can’t wait for Ashley Hebert to put this season of The Bachelorette to bed. With so much back and forth about Bentley Williams, people eliminating themselves and the nice guys finishing last, we’re so confused.

Don’t forget to watch Ashley Hebert’s overnight dates on The Bachelorette July 25.

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