Mitch Winehouse in NYC when Amy Winehouse was found dead

Mitch Winehouse was away from London promoting his new album when his daughter, Amy Winehouse, was found dead in her London flat.

Mitch Winehouse, Amy Winehouse’s beloved dad, was on his way to New York City to perform at the Blue Note in support of his new album of jazz standards when his daughter was found dead in her London flat.

Mitch Winehouse in NYC when Amy Winehouse found dead

“Off to New York tomorrow to play two shows at the Blue Note on Monday 25th — very exciting. If you are in town do come along,” the former taxi driver tweeted on July 21.

Now, the elder Winehouse has canceled his gig and is on his way back to London to be with family.

Winehouse was close with her father — the pair shared a love of music and performing. However, he was largely blamed for enabling her behavior, though he did campaign the British government to give addicts better access to care.

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“If somebody is a drug user in London, and they voluntarily want to come off drugs but they can’t afford to put themselves in a private clinic, it’s almost impossible for them to get into a residential program,” Mitch told Spinner in May. “What we found was that there are some people that are so desperate that want to get off drugs but can’t get the help. We found a lot of people are actually turning to crime.”

As for his daughter? Mitch said she was getting better after numerous stints in rehab.

“She’s doing better now,” he said. “She has been clean for two and a half years, about that. I’m not saying her problems have gone away, because they haven’t. She’s dealing with it.”

Apparently not.

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