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Hottie Ryan Gosling to star in ‘action thriller’

The new action film starring Ryan Gosling and Carey MulliganDrive — debuted at Comic-Con. Is it worth the wait?

It’s no secret that we love Ryan Gosling — he’s hot, funny and loves his doggie, George. We’re pumped to see him in theaters with the release of Crazy, Stupid, Love, but we’re also pumped to see him in the new action thriller co-starring Carey Mulligan: Drive.

Ryan Gosling in Drive

Drive stars Gosling as a “quiet, unassuming, young Los Angeleno — Hollywood stuntman by day, getaway driver by night — who falls for the young mother (Mulligan) who lives next door. Only problem is, her husband’s fresh out of jail, and he needs help with one last job.”

Sounds like there’s going to be a lot of steamy action both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Mulligan and co-stars Ron Perlman and Albert Brooks — along with director Nicolas Winding Refn — were at Comic-Con on Thursday to talk about the film and debut a few scenes.

Drive was like a fairytale in Los Angeles. Ryan would be the knight and Carey would be the princess to be saved, Ron [Perlman] would be the dragon and Albert [Brooks] would be the evil king,” Refn said of Drive.

Sounds interesting! We’re more excited to see Gosling in a hot action flick, but it’s a bonus if the movie is interesting, too.

Watch the Drive trailer

Which movie are you more excited to see: Crazy, Stupid, Love or Drive?

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