Dog bites shark, gets over 1.4 million YouTube hits

Have you seen the newest animal video on YouTube that has gone viral of a dog biting a shark? Check out one fearless pooch that swam with the sharks and lived to talk, er, bark about it!

Dog bites shark

You never know which YouTube video will go viral, but your chances go up drastically if there are animals or silly babies involved. In the newest video sensation, one dog shows who is in charge when he not only swims with the sharks, but he bites one and lives to tell about it!

“You’ve got two dogs swimming with sharks,” the Australian man behind the camera narrates. “Apparently they do it all the time.”

The camera shows two yellow dogs in the water as sharks swim around them. Cue the Jaws music (dun dun… dun dun)!

“The dog is under the water with the shark! The dog bit the shark! He’s giving him a bite!” the Aussie shouts, as you see the dog go underwater and tussle with the shark.

“That is unbelievable! I can’t believe that! I’ve seen it all now! I just got that on film. Can you believe that?” the Aussie asks in disbelief.

No word if the two dogs are the pets of the cameraman, but luckily these two pooches swam with the sharks and lived to tell about it.

“It’s probably been said before, but that’s Chuck Norris’ dog,” one commenter joked — and we totally agree!

Watch the video of the brave dog biting a shark:


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