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Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Comic-Con Ringer promo: Gellar not trying to be Buffy

Sarah Michelle Gellar gave fans at Comic-Con a sneak peek at her new CW show Ringer and the new clip unveiled specifically for the event did not disappoint.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, to many, will always be Buffy. But the fans that packed a room at the San Diego Convention Center for Comic-Con are ready to see Gellar return in a different role on the CW’s Ringer.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

A new clip for Ringer unveiled just for Comic-Con left fans excited to see Gellar slide back into a medium she’s oh so good at — television.

Ringer will mark a huge television comeback since leaving her Buffy days behind, but Sarah Michelle Gellar is not looking to recreate the magic she once found slaying vampires. “When you have a show like Buffy that was so perfect, you’re not looking for a show to top it. You’re looking for a show that’s completely different,” Gellar said during Thursday’s (July 21) panel.

The star and wife of Freddie Prinze Jr. added, “We wouldn’t exist without fans. We wanted to come back and do a show that fans would love that would be different but still exciting.”

That’s good news for those who were ready to compare it to the former vamp hit. Gellar is also getting used to stunts and admits there are some things she didn’t get to do on Buffy that she’s experiencing on Ringer. “I got to shoot a gun and Buffy never got a gun. Yesterday, I had a skill saw, and that thing, I did not like. I never want to use that again,” she joked — or was she joking?

Ringer, which features two twins with very different lives, debuts on the CW Tuesday, September 13.

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