Giuliana tells us why she became a Rancic

After a tough year, including trying to have a baby and failing, Giuliana has put a possible pregnancy aside and ventured off on a year of fun with her husband, the love of her life, Bill Rancic. After watching their hit show on the Style Network, it’s clear that these two have some serious chemistry cooking in their day-to-day lives. So although we love Giuliana on the red carpet, this is a story about love and, honest to cupid, this love duo has got it going on in the land of celebrity couples. The romance starts now.

a back-to-basics story about love

We’re rewinding to the beginning of Giuliana and Bill, before their love landed them a reality series, back when Giuliana was still a De Pandi. It all started during a little show that some like to call The Apprentice. We, on the other hand, like to call it the-moment-that-Giuliana-laid-her-eyes-on-The-Apprentice-Bill.

“I had heard in the E! Newsroom that there was an interview opportunity with Bill Rancic and I was all over it because I used to watch The Apprentice every week and I was in love with Bill,” Giuliana admits. “I was totally scoping him out.” She had to snatch the interview from an E! co-worker who had the assignment first. Luckily for her, she took home the tall, dark, handsome prize from that battle. “We were engaged eight months later.”

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Love at first interview

That first interview was where their first sparks flew. While Giuliana set out to get Bill’s story, little did they know, they were beginning their very own love story.

Giuliana Rancic's story about love and wedding renweal photos

In an excerpt from their book, I Do, Now What?, Giuliana recalls that very Q&A where she snagged Bill Rancic as her beau. “It really was love at first interview,” she tells Whitney. According to their new dual-authored book, that day went a little something like this:

“My arms were crossed and my voice sounded indifferent, even though all I could think was, ‘Damn!, this guy is gorgeous!'” Meanwhile, thoughts about his rumored girlfriend were putting her hopes to rest. She managed to segue into asking him if he had plans to settle down with his girlfriend. Like music to her ears, they had broken up. But did he plan on settling down eventually?

“I’m holding out for you,” he said after a pause.

“I nearly swallowed my Trident,” Giuliana wrote describing her reaction. They had a quality conversation post-interview that resulted in their very first real date.

The secret to their rancic love

Reflecting on their thriving love, they write, “We’re here to tell you that our marriage isn’t the result of discovering a truth behind the mystery…No, it’s much simpler than that. Our marital success stems from the small but significant efforts we’ve made to improve our relationship, as far back as our first date.”

When we sat down with Giuliana, she gave away what grounds them in this crazy world and, no, it’s not the red carpet. “We have a very similar family life, Bill and I. My parents met when my mom was 16. They were very young. Bill’s parents were together forever, too. We’ve learned a lot from our parents.”

Giuliana admits to us that it feels like everyone in Hollywood breaks up. So what’s the most important thing in a world where love is short lived? “You really have to have your priorities in check. Bill and I realize that Hollywood is just the backdrop. It’s where we live and what we do, but it’s not who we are, and if this all disappeared tomorrow, we’d still have each other.” Yes, you can let out that mushy ‘Awwwww.’

the ‘l’ word flies free

We know that Giuliana loved Bill from the moment she saw his business savvy yet compassionate ways air on The Apprentice. When SheKnows asked Giuliana when she and Bill first let the word ‘love’ loose, she went into think-mode. “I don’t even remember!” She yelled at herself. However, she took a stab at it, trying to clear the fog between when she felt it and when she said it and guessed that it was about a month and a half into their relationship.

We consulted their book to get the facts where Bill recalls blurting the ‘L’ word to Giuliana three months after he caught her off-guard in that first interview, where they first met face-to-face. It’s okay Giuliana, time is a blur when you’re falling in love. One thing she does remember perfectly is the proposal.

A celebrity couple at new heights

“Bill proposed in a helicopter above Chicago. It was a total suprise. I thought we were going to see the Christmas lights on Michigan Avenue and Bill loves aviation. So, I just thought it was something crazy thing he wanted to do.” Turns out, she was in for a crazier ride than she expected because he got down on one knee and sealed the deal with a beautiful diamond.

Ever since, they’ve been nurturing their relationship, making their love grow from Chicago to Los Angeles and causing viewers to giggle at their romantic comedy approach to reality TV.

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