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Casey Anthony goes on a cross-country tour… maybe

Casey Anthony went into hiding after her release from prison last weekend. Is she hiding in a city near you?

Where in the world is Casey Anthony? That’s the question many people want answered — and media outlets are doing pretty much anything they can to find out her whereabouts.

Casey Anthony is now out of prison

NBC’s Today show reported Wednesday morning that Anthony was spotted in Carlsbad, California yesterday. Why paparazzi- and media-filled California? Todd Macaluso, Anthony’s former lawyer, is from the state and reportedly gave her $70K.

However, another news outlet caught a veiled woman being rushed into a building in Anthony’s hometown of Orlando from Macaluso’s private jet. His firm’s website says they have a private jet so they can “travel anywhere within the United States in seven hours.”

It’s all speculation, though — some even think it’s just an elaborate hoax to cover up her true location. She was even said to be in Prescott, Arizona.

Another big bombshell? NBC reported that Anthony might be in talks to star in a pay-per-view interview to tell her side of the story and make some cash for the IRS. We widely expected Anthony to get big bucks for her first post-prison interview, but we didn’t think it would be PPV.

Meanwhile, Nancy Grace is sitting in her Atlanta home contemplating how she’ll crash the possible interview.

Would you watch a Casey Anthony interview?

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