Zach Braff: I'm not gay, site was hacked

Jul 20, 2011 at 2:15 p.m. ET

A "coming out" note was posted on Zach Braff’s website, with the actor supposedly writing he is gay. Braff's response? I'm straight -- but not too straight!

Zach Braff and girlfriend Taylor

A statement was posted on Zach Braff's website this morning that read:

"To all my loyal fans,

I have been hiding this secret inside me for too long... The human mind can only bare so much before it explodes in emotions, and well... it is time I let the world know. I am excited and proud to announce that I am an open member of the homosexual community. This is not news to those closest to me, and I honor that they have kept it a secret for such a long time.

This doesn't change anything, I am still Zach Braff, and I am the same man I've always been, gay or not. ;) Thank you to all my supporters and look forward to seeing me soon! I couldn't be happier about this announcement! :)"

Braff's rep says, "He was hacked... that site has been down since 2006."

The Scrubs star took to Twitter to also clear the air. "My old website got hacked," he writes. "I'm still straight. But not too straight; I still love musicals, brunch and Doogie Howser."

Braff is in fact dating model Taylor Bagley, right, and the couple was recently spotted at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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