Jane Lynch requests to be Jon Hamm in her next life

Jane Lynch and Glee‘s Sue Sylvester are growing apart by the minute. While the pair shares a fantastic wit and a sensitive side, it’s just Jane who finds herself happily married and raising a child at the age of 51.

Jane Lynch is a lady in love. The Glee star recently opened up to Vogue magazine about life as the new wife of Dr. Lara Embry, and at the age of 51, being a mom for the first time.

Jane Lynch Vogue

Jane Lynch describes her childhood self as “a huge tomboy who wanted nothing more than to play baseball from sunup to sundown.” Often as a girl she would sneak behind her dad’s back and play dress-up in his clothes to look “like the quintessential ’60s man I longed to be.”

A love for the ’60s, and its male fashion, have yet to leave the actress. “I adore Mad Men,” Jane Lynch tells Vogue. “I want to come back as Jon Hamm in my next life!”

“When I grew up,” says Lynch, “just like in Glee, you had to be what they considered ‘normal’ or you got a Slushee in your face. I didn’t want to be too tall. I didn’t want to be too loud. I didn’t want to be gay.”

Though coming out was a long process for Jane, who didn’t admit to being gay to her family until the age of 32, she’s now happily married to clinical psychologist Lara Embry, Ph.D. “We’ve taken on everything in our first year of marriage,” explains Jane. “Moving. I gained a daughter. We renovated a house — and writing a book. I mean, talk about learning about your wife!”

That daughter is Lara Embry’s eight-year-old named Hayden, from a previous relationship. Though Jane says of her own biological clock, “I never even heard it ticking,” she promised in her wedding vows “to be the very best parent I can be” to Hayden “and to do my best to get her iCarly tickets.”

Check out Vogue for more on Lara Embry and the incomparable Jane Lynch!


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