Teen Mom's Farrah gets mouthy about Demi Lovato

Jul 15, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. ET

Farrah Abraham doesn't understand why Demi Lovato has a music career and she doesn't.

It looks like someone's fame is going to her head. Teen Mom reality star Farrah Abraham -- best known for the knife fight with her mom and breast implants -- took to Twitter Friday morning to express her disdain for Demi Lovato's success.

Farrah Abraham talks about Demi Lovato

"In the v.o booth... i feel if demi Lavato [sic] can sing... why can't I... I've been through way more then just vomiting [sic] after every meal," Abraham wrote.

Little Sophia's mom was referring to Lovato's problems with bulimia. The issues led Lovato to rehab in late 2010 and inspired her new hit single and video, Skyscraper.

"It's apparent people have a hard time admitting to facts. I have nothing against Demi, im happy she is well. Get Real People," Abraham added when people called her out for her comments, though we're not really sure what 'facts' she's referring to.

Then, she added her own help for those suffering from eating disorders.

"Only because i care. If you have a eating disorder go to edpa.org. love, Farrah and I wish you the best on your health," she added.


Abraham seems to be suffering from an illness common among reality stars: Too much ego, too little talent. You see this affliction in many MTV celebrities, including The Situation, Snooki and fellow Teen Mom Amber Portwood.

Just a note, Farrah: You aren't famous for anything other than being a teenage mother. Also, Lovato fans can get vicious, FYI.

Image: MTV

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