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Sons of Anarchy creator unleashes on Emmy voters

The creator of the critically acclaimed television show Sons of Anarchy is incredulous that the series wasn’t on the list of 2011 Emmy nominations — and he’s taking his grievance public.

Sons of Anarchy

Kurt Sutter, creator of the hit FX series Sons of Anarchy, says that the fact his show didn’t get even a single Emmy nomination obviously means the voters are a bunch of old, shriveled-up shrews; he totally ripped the group apart on his Twitter feed Thursday.

“The worse part of not getting an emmy nod. katey [his wife] promised me a threesome if she won. now i have to settle for me, her and the shaved bunny,” Sutter wrote.

“Best part of not getting an emmy nod. now i don’t have to pretend i give a [expletive] about the profiteering douchebag academy… because you know if we were nominated i’d be all humble and blowing smoke up their asses. now i can stay true to myself and just be a [expletive].”

“These two academy member walk into a bar. one orders a beer. then they both die because they’re so [expletive] old.”

“If my mom and dad were alive this emmy snub would kill them. that’s not true, they were too old to understand my show. just like the academy.”

Sutter on Glee

Sutter’s not much of a Glee fan, either. “[expletive] glee. hate those annoying, ‘please accept me for who i am’, singing brats. there, i said it. are you happy?”

Perhaps remembering how Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee, reacts when crossed, Sutter halfheartedly tried to backpedal a bit on that last comment: “I love ryan murphy,” he wrote. “He’s always very cool with me. love glee too. just tired of all the [expletive] piling up at its feet.”

Sutter probably just guaranteed he will never receive an Emmy nomination.

Sons of Anarchy isn’t the only show that didn’t make the Emmy nom cut; see who else was snubbed. As for who did make it, check out the entire list of the 2011 Emmy nominations.

Image courtesy FX

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