Robert Pattinson: ‘Harry Potter was a massive event in my life!’

When Robert Pattinson was cast in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, little did he know his life would forever change. Not only was he part of one of the most popular franchises in movie history, but he would soon find even greater success as the star of the worldwide hit, Twilight. But back in 2008, Rob was just doing his job as an actor, promoting his latest work in a series of interviews that would later reveal to be quite telling about both HP and himself.

Robert Pattinson, worldwide superstar and the unequivocal leader of the Twilight franchise, was just a struggling actor when he made his debut in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Little did he know that in a few short years, his life would forever change. When he was promoting the film, he revealed quite a few details of what life is like in the Harry fishbowl and how he teamed up with Rupert Grint for some male bonding.

Robert Pattinson

Revealed Robert, “I didn’t know how I would be interpreted, so I went into Harry Potter determined to be a real actor and kind of didn’t speak to anyone for awhile. I didn’t notice the transition to being accepted, but they are all really nice people. It seems like it should have been daunting, but it wasn’t. We did a bonding week where we made fools of ourselves, doing lots of improvising. I paired up with Rupert a lot.”

“When Harry Potter came along, it was a huge step and a massive event in my life!”

Robert was just a struggling actor and musician when he auditioned for the Harry Potter franchise. He soon revealed that it took a lot more than a little luck to get the job.

“I was filming a movie in Cape Town, South Africa. I was just 17!” he stated. “The casting agent on the film Vanity Fair was the same agent working on Potter and I was the first person seen for any part on the film.”

The challenges of filming any HP film are massive, as there are intricate sets, stunts and difficult shots to achieve to make the magic that happens with each epic film. Robert revealed that he found the challenge a bit tough sometimes.

“It was a very physical part. The stuff in the maze, which was done in the beginning, was done on all huge action sets. The hedges were huge and hydraulically operated. I got hit by stuff and was pulled by ropes, and Dan (Radcliffe) and I were running around punching each other, so it was kind of vicious.”


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