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The Hoff, Reggie Bush and more celebs trade in their lives


CBS is giving regular Joes a chance to trade places with the stars, as long as they have the Same Name. David Hasselhoff, Mike Tyson, Kathy Griffin and Reggie Bush are among the celebs set to swap places with their namesakes for a week.

On the upcoming CBS series Same Name, famous folks will trade places with strangers who share their name and, for better or worse, get the opportunity to experience the other side of stardom. Swap mates live in each other’s houses, hang with each other’s family, friends and co-workers and basically live each other’s lives.

David Hasselhoff Mike Tyson, Kathy Griffin & Reggie Bush to swap lives on CBS' Same Name

“They may have the same names, but their lives couldn’t be more different,” CBS head of alternative programming Jennifer Bresnan said. “Walking in each other’s shoes and experiencing their home life, work and other activities reveals moments of humor, laughter and unexpected emotion.”

David Hasselhoff kicks off the series by heading to Texas to swap lives with a 27-year-old landscaping electrical technician and family man. While The Hoff mows lawns and deals with a new baby, the other Hasselhoff hits sunny California to hang at the manse and get a serious celeb workout.

As the season continues, Mike Tyson swaps places with a nurse from Zeeland, Michigan; Kathy Griffin trades places with a fiberglass saleswoman from Fayetteville, Georgia; and Reggie Bush trades places with a general contractor from Danville, Illinois.

It’s neither the most inspiring title nor the most original idea, but surprisingly, this has never been done on TV. It could be fun. Check out this preview, which features lots of clips from the premiere with Hasselhoff, airing Sunday, July 24 at 9 p.m. on CBS.

The Same Name Video Preview

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