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Victoria Beckham: I want Harper to be just like Kate Middleton

Victoria Beckham admires Kate Middleton and is hoping her daughter, Harper Seven, will be the “perfect English rose” just like Duchess Catherine.

Victoria Beckham gave birth to her fourth child (and first girl!) on Sunday with husband David Beckham — and the fashion designer already has big plans for her posh baby girl.

Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton

Victoria is a huge fan of Kate Middleton and wants daughter Harper Seven to become a “perfect English rose” like the Duchess.

“Victoria is a massive fan of Kate Middleton and now, finally, baby Harper is going to be her very own little princess,” an insider reports. “Victoria will want her daughter to grow up to become a perfect English rose, with a gorgeous posh accent and definitely not like some spoiled Hollywood brat.”

Victoria and David attended the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and have invited the royal couple to visit Harper next time they are in the U.K.

“David and Victoria are so proud of their little daughter. As soon as they are next in Hertfordshire at Buckingham Palace they want the duke and duchess to come and see Harper,” a source tells The Sun.

“Everyone has fallen in love with Kate Middleton. She’s gorgeous, stylish, speaks well and has perfect manners, all the qualities that Victoria will wish for Harper,” the friend says.

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