The X Factor preview: Watch Simon Cowell’s worst nightmare

The long-awaited world premiere preview of The X Factor kicked off right before the MLB All-Star game and gave us a glimpse into Simon Cowell’s worst nightmare.

Simon Cowell

There’s not a lot that would probably scare Simon Cowell, but as we’ve seen in the world premiere preview of The X Factor there might be one thing.

A new preview of the fall show The X Factor aired right before the MLB All-Star game on Tuesday (July 12) and at first we were confused — then we realized what was going on.

In the preview, Simon Cowell is wearing a pale pink sweater while giving cotton candy words of wisdom to young hopefuls who clearly can’t sing Tomorrow very well. The rest of the judges, which include LA Reid, Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul, back the newly kind Cowell with dreams of lollipops and bunny rabbits. All he wants to do now is make dreams come true and according to Cowell, “It’s not about me anymore.”

Then bam! Simon Cowell wakes up and it’s all a dream — or nightmare in his case. The promo turns into the preview for the cut-throat competition we knew Simon Cowell would create. Just see for yourself in the video below.

The X Factor is set to debut on September 21 on Fox and will bring back duo Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. The show also recently made news when it abruptly replaced original judge Cheryl Cole with Nicole Scherzinger.

Are you excited for the premiere of The X Factor? What was your favorite part of the preview?


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