R. Kelly losing his Chicago mansion

R. Kelly joins Carnie Wilson in the celebrity foreclosure club.

Here’s something R. Kelly can’t manage to keep on the Down Low: His $2.9 million mansion in Chicago is in foreclosure, according to a Crain’s Chicago Business publication. He reportedly hasn’t paid lender JP Morgan Chase since June 2010.

R. Kelly facing foreclosure

The recession has hit a lot of people hard these past few years — people are losing their jobs and their homes at alarming numbers. So, what’s Kelly’s excuse? His albums have remained relatively successful over the years, despite his legal troubles.

His rep, Allan Mayer, declined to elaborate, but contends that Kelly isn’t having financial trouble.

Kelly is the latest celebrity to face foreclosure — Wilson Phillips singer Carnie Wilson’s home is also in foreclosure.

Wilson is now saying she’s not losing her home.

“Like half of the homes in America today, like millions of Americans with [expletive]-up banks, we are not in foreclosure. I definitely want to get that record straight,” Wilson told Zap2It.

“It is in a short sale situation,” she continued. “It can be two weeks and it could be a year. My house is not in foreclosure. My house is in a short sale.”

“I am not talking about it because it is not anybody’s business,” the former Fresh Diet spokeswoman continued. “It shouldn’t be anybody’s business. And everything is so great with my family, and my life. We moved into another place. It really is nobody’s business.”

We get that financial issues are embarrassing — but Carnie, you had your stomach stapled live on the Internet. Nothing should be off-limits for you anymore.

Maybe R. Kelly can try a short sale too?

Do you feel sorry for celebrities that lose their homes?