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Brooke Mueller doesn’t think crack is whack

Brooke Mueller doesn’t look too concerned about her sobriety in some recent photographs.

Brooke Mueller crack pipe

Brooke Mueller might try to claim she’s on the straight-and-narrow since her last stint in rehab, though a photo taken by a photographer might show otherwise.

Cameras caught Mueller in Hawaii wearing baggy sweats, a t-shirt, beige pumps and what appeared to be a homemade foil crack pipe. She took off running when she spotted the photogs on her tail.

She’s in the island state with her two children — Bob and Max — with ex-warlock Charlie Sheen.

Mueller was also spotted in Maui earlier this week clutching a wad of cash and conversing with shady-looking people in cars. Does this mean she’s back on the drugs? It certainly appears so.

Oh, and it gets better: Mueller and Sheen have agreed not to order random drug tests for each other as a part of their joint-custody agreement. She has primary physical custody of the twins.

“Brooke is just taking it a day at a time. She has been down this road before and she knows what she has to do. Brooke needs to continue to play an active role in her sobriety,” a friend said recently.

Yeah, we’re not buying it. Let’s just hope Child Protective Services gets involved — or, can we please let Denise Richards adopt the boys?

Do you think Brooke Mueller is back on drugs?

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