Wesley Snipes died? Twitter rumor rampage

Jul 12, 2011 at 5:44 p.m. ET

Despite Internet rumors to the contrary, it is believed Wesley Snipes is alive and well -- or as well as can be expected behind bars.

Wesley Snipes

Did you hear that Wesley Snipes died? If you're a Twitter addict you may have heard the rumor Tuesday, as the social networking site lit up with users looking to confirm if the actor had passed away.

The 'Wesley Snipes died' rumor, though vague as these things tend to be, involved a fight in prison that (presumably) Wesley lost. So false!

Well, Wesley Snipes is in prison serving a three year sentence for tax evasion, but the death part appears to be complete rubbish.

As news began to spread that the Wesley Snipes died rumor is a fake, Twitter users expressed both relief and frustration. "I swear Twitter loves to start rumours," wrote one user. "Go get a life, job, or something."

Another Twitter user wrote, "Again Twitter I say, fear not, the only thing dead about Wesley Snipes is his career." Harsh!

Yet another Twitter user observed, "Wesley Snipes got locked up for a tax invasion. Casey Anthony killed her daughter and she's chillin."

Rumors of Wesley Snipes' death occurred on the same day Hugh Hefner was also the victim of death reports, though the Playboy mogul had the good grace to deny the reports himself.

Calls to Wesley Snipes' rep from SheKnows were not immediately returned.

Hey Twitter -- what's with starting a Wesley Snipes died rumor?!

Image via Wenn