SheKnows to debut exclusive Harry Potter footage and cast interviews

Jul 11, 2011 at 4:03 p.m. ET

SheKnows was recently invited to experience, first-hand, the Harry Potter Exhibit in New York City. Timed perfectly with the release of the final film, get ready to experience exclusive footage of the unique exhibit and interviews with the legendary cast as we peek around recreations of the movie set and gawk at artifacts used in the making of the Harry Potter empire.

Along with interviewing the creative director of the museum, we're debuting insider info from the characters who we've seen grow into adults since the movie series began in 2001. Join us as we tour the exhibit being held at the Discovery Museum in New York City, chat with the cast and get unique Harry Potter facts. Not only will you learn what it took to build the set, but you'll get to hear how the cast is feeling about the final wrap and recall just how far they've come. Watch the teaser video below.

The Harry Potter Experience from the beginning of his wizarding days

Remember that little guy? That's where it all began, back in the days when the sorcerer's stone was all Mr. Potter had to worry about. Since then, fans have seen him take on battle after battle and are now anticipating, while dreading, the end of an era. Rediscover the beginning as SheKnows takes you on a one of a kind broomstick ride. Harry Potter will invade the SheKnows site July 13th. Stay tuned.

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