Get ready, NYC: Tila Tequila is coming for you

Tila Tequila told TMZ that she’s moving to New York. Why has she set her sights on the Big Apple?

Tila Tequila is moving to NYC

Get ready, New York: Tila Tequila is descending on the Big Apple to start over. That’s right, Tequila has finally figured out that her fame is as dead as MySpace, so she’s looking to break new ground in the concrete jungle.

“I’m looking forward to starting a new life in NYC. A clean slate and a fresh start,” the spotlight-loving Tequila told TMZ. “I just want to be a normal girl with a normal life for a while. I just want to meet new friends, fall in love, get married, have babies, and call it a day!”

The move is an attempt by the fame-hungry Tequila to grasp onto any shred of fame she can get. She’s already faked suicide, endured a Juggalo beat down and she got engaged to the now-late heiress Casey Johnson.

What’s next for Tequila? We’re doubting she’ll find love or get married — and she’s been there, done that with multiple fake pregnancies. Will she adopt to snag headlines? Maybe. Make like Danielle Staub and dance for Scores Gentlemen’s Club? Most likely.

Or, will she just go away? We can only hope.

Image: Apega/WENN


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