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Casey Anthony’s first post-jail stop might be Jerry Springer

The Jerry Springer Show is reportedly bidding to get Casey Anthony’s first post-trial interview.

Casey Anthony on Jerry Springer next?

We’re expecting Casey Anthony will receive big offers to tell her story once she gets out of jail. It’s assumed that big news outlets like ABC, NBC, CNN and Jerry Springer are competing to get Anthony’s first tell-all.

Wait… Jerry Springer? Yep, the man who made chair-throwing a redneck art form reportedly contacted Anthony’s legal team about a deal.

“The offer was made to Casey’s defense team Friday,” a source told Star magazine.

“They are interested. They would get huge ratings. The family will be presented with the offer shortly.”

You know what: The Jerry Springer Show is the perfect outlet for Anthony. Maybe they can include a cake-throwing wedding and some weave-pulling after her segment. Then, random audience members can alternate between yelling obscenities at Anthony and exposing their breasts for Jerry beads.

After all, her trial was a circus — why stop now?

The only problem? Springer is known to just stand there and let things just kind of happen, instead of asking the hard-hitting questions. Now, we think a better option for Anthony would be The Steve Wilkos Show — he’d berate her, make her stand and generally make a great spectacle out of the acquitted Tot Mom.

Would you watch Casey Anthony on The Jerry Springer Show?

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