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Jewel’s pregnancy weight gain: ‘I won’t be neurotic’


Jewel and Ty Murray will be welcoming their first child any day now. See how the singer has been feeling, how much weight she’s gained and how being ‘ranch raised’ has influenced her parenting plans.


Jewel‘s pregnancy days have almost come to an end. Before baby arrives (which could be any day now!) the singer sat down with Fit Pregnancy to talk about being pregnant and her plans for the future.

Jewel’s pregnancy discovery:

“We were very excited. We were ecstatic when it happened. I was working on the Platinum Hit show when we found out — so I was working these long days with a cool little secret.”

Pity for the men:

“I’m feeling really great, I’m enjoying pregnancy much more than I thought I would. I didn’t know what to expect, you hear every story, every woman is different and you hear some horror stories, too. But I read and heard a lot that you should try to enjoy it, [it] really is a gift and so I took it to heart. So I have really tried to enjoy it and not fret about weight gain or anything else. It is a privilege and I feel lucky that I get to do it. It’s kind of sad that men don’t get to experience this.”

Pregnancy weight gain:

“Well, you’re supposed to gain 35 pounds, and now I’m at 32 weeks and I’ve gained 30 pounds. The first several months, I hardly gained anything, then it happened fast. I don’t know how I could control that — I have a healthy diet, I don’t eat sugar. I think your body has its own wisdom and as long as you are doing the best you can, you just have to find a balance.”

“As far as losing the weight, I’m hoping that breastfeeding does the job, but I won’t be neurotic about it, about working out right away. I am capable of that but I’m going to cut myself lots of slack.”


“We plan on it. I was ranch raised, I personally believe in it because I’ve seen what it does for animals and I saw what a calf did on the bottle. But I don’t have any judgment about it and I don’t think it should be contentious — I see great moms both ways. It’s amazing how intolerant the discussions on the Internet can be.”

Parenting predictions:

“You don’t really know until you get there, but I think I will be the strict one. You’d think my husband would be strict; he’s very manly and tough and all his family is too, but I think he’ll be the spoiler, while I keep the big picture in mind and manners, etc. It’s such an interesting adventure. It’s like art — you have to invent it as you go.”

Best wishes to Jewel and Ty Murray for the safe arrival of their first child. Can’t wait for the official Jewel baby news announcement!

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