Kiefer Sutherland dumps his girlfriend

Jul 7, 2011 at 3:25 p.m. ET

Kiefer Sutherland and his girlfriend of three years have split, but were they ever engaged to begin with?

kiefer sutherlandKiefer Sutherland and his longtime girlfriend Siobhan Bonnouvrier have broken up, which means the notorious party animal and 24 star is out on the prowl again. Watch out, ladies!

"They've split for now," a source revealed, adding their relationship is "transitional and ever changing."

Sutherland and Bonnouvrier have been together since 2008, when the couple was introduced. Last year, while they were on vacation in Italy, rumors swirled around the pair, indicating they weren't just boyfriend and girlfriend, but that they were engaged to be married. Sutherland and his partner denied they were engaged, and now that they've broken it off, we may never find out the truth.

While Sutherland is a movie and TV star, Bonnouvrier wasn't part of the Hollywood celebrity circle. She is the style director at Allure magazine. As for when the two called it off, one source close to the couple says, "It's been a while."

Sutherland's most legendary breakup was from Julia Roberts. Way back in 1990, the star couple was engaged to be married. Roberts called off their wedding three days before their nuptials, and ran off with actor Jason Patric, who was Sutherland's friend, on the day the wedding was supposed to take place.

The TV actor isn't exactly known for his ability to commit. He's been married and divorced twice, and his various antics, including attacking a Christmas tree in 2007 while on tour with his band, have scored him headlines aplenty.