Justin Timberlake: I like a girl with a dirty mouth

Justin Timberlake tells Cosmopolitan that he likes girls with an attitude and a potty mouth.

Justin Timberlake dished about the type of girls he likes in the August 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan and — surprise, surprise — he likes a girl with some spunk.

Justin Timberlake likes a dirty girl

“I like a woman who doesn’t necessarily care if other people like her. She is who she is and figures people can take it or leave it,” Timberlake, 30, told the women’s magazine.

So, he doesn’t want a piece of arm candy. His revelation is pretty refreshing in a world where singers and actors trade up to beautiful — but vapid — models and actresses.

“There’s nothing better than a pretty girl with a nasty mouth. It’s every guy’s fantasy,” he added.

It makes sense — Timberlake dated his Bad Teacher co-star, Cameron Diaz, for a few years and she’s known for her potty mouth and public emissions of body odor.

She’s pretty outspoken too.

“Women have always behaved badly, probably worse than men. At this moment, it’s time for women to come out and be themselves and accepted. There are a lot of those films now — audiences are willing to laugh at those things. We’re tired of seeing the same things,” Diaz told SheKnows about Bad Teacher.

And as for his possibly on-again squeeze, Jessica Biel? Well, she’ll get on the back of a motorcycle with Gerard Butler, so we’re assuming she’s pretty bad-ass too.

Oh, but Justin? Call us — we’ve got a dirty joke to tell you.

Image: Andres Otero/ WENN.com

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