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Roseanne Barr’s bizarre Twitter rant about Casey Anthony

Roseanne Barr has no love for Casey Anthony — and she tells us all about it on Twitter.

America has had a day to calm down from the shock of the Casey Anthony not guilty verdict, though yesterday’s trial conclusion seems to be all anyone is talking about. One person who is certainly not shy about expressing her hatred for the possible future porn star is comedian Roseanne Barr.

Roseanne Barr's bizarre tweets about Casey Anthony

Barr has been tweeting non-stop about the case since early Tuesday — and her rants have devolved into bizarre territory at times.

The tweets started off innocuous enough.

“Let’s all remember how much we cared about this one little girl and try to help all little abused kids even more now,” she tweeted right before the verdict.

However, her tweets devolved into a rant after Anthony was found innocent.

“Our injustice system — criminals and idiots rule!” Barr added. “I’m getting a tshirt that says: CASEY KILLED CAYLEE.”

She even resorted to playground taunting with one dissenter.

“You are defending a child murderer because you do not want to go on a diet! I’m serious! call jenny craig right now!” she tweeted to one woman. She later apologized, reasoning that all fat people are mean.

“It’s bad to defend casey anthony — especially if you are a mean fat person,” she added.

She kept at it today with even more bizarre tweets and a condemnation for the government as a whole.

“When i am elected, i will arrest all pedo (pedophile) billionaires, who are running the us justice system. die satan!” she wrote.

“Satan moves mothers to kill their own kids,” she added. “I think it was actually the Satanists who killed Caylee. One of them is related to someone in power in the judicial system.”

Barr’s tweets: Real or publicity?

Is Barr for real, or is this all just a way to drum up some publicity for her new docu-series — Roseanne’s Nuts — starting July 14 on Lifetime? It obviously worked.

“Viewers of Roseanne’s Nuts will see Barr, who, after tiring of living in frenzied Los Angeles and everything associated with the city, abandons Southern California to experience the newfound tranquility of farm life on the Big Island alongside her long-time writer-musician boyfriend Johnny Argent and son Jake,” Barr’s publicist said about the show.

“Never one to back down from any challenge throughout her life, as only Roseanne Barr can, she comes out of hiding to use her take-no-prisoners approach to life that catapulted her to stardom and shape a more pure and utopian dream she envisions for herself and her loved ones.”

Barr also asked followers to contact the FBI about Anthony.

“Contact your local fbi and get them to file a case against casey for violating caylee’s civil rights,” she tweeted.

You first, Rosie.

Image: Ivan Nikolov/WENN

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