Rosario Dawson is living a dream in Zookeeper

Jul 6, 2011 at 8:16 p.m. ET

Rosario Dawson is living a dream with her starring role in Zookeeper. Dawson always wanted to be a veterinarian, but unfortunately she's allergic to almost every animal out there. As she says, that is just one of the benefits of the career choice she made as she can pretend to be what she always wanted to be, but for whatever reason, could not.

Rosario Dawson

Zookeeper also marks one of the few times Rosario Dawson has appeared in a comedy. The star of such hits as Unstoppable, Seven Pounds, Grindhouse and Sin City welcomed the opportunity to show her funny side opposite Kevin James. She never hesitated in going for the joking jugular opposite one of entertainment's most popular funnymen.

Dawson has come a long way since she was discovered at 15 sitting on her New York City stoop. Dawson told us in November about her dream to be an actress and the words almost prove prophetic considering her role in Zookeeper is congruent with her efforts to grow professionally.

"I was really insecure about [being an actress] for so many years. I couldn't call myself an actor for a long time. I just thought I was lucky," Dawson said. "I kept constantly waiting to have to get a real job [laughs]. It never did [happen], and that is really amazing."

Well, consider Dawson fortunate to add another experience to her long and building resume, that of comic actress.

In Zookeeper, Dawson portrays the zoo veterinarian who is close friends with James' title character. In his effort to woo back his love (Leslie Bibb) who broke his heart, Dawson agrees to appear to be his girlfriend to make her jealous. Does it work? And perhaps, does Dawson's vet have feelings for the zookeeper herself? You'll find out when Zookeeper arrives in theaters July 8.

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