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Octomom denies baby hate

Octomom Nadya Suleman is denying a tabloid report that she hates her babies.

Last week, In Touch reported that Octomom Nadya Suleman said she hates her babies, that her “older six are animals” and that she frequently contemplates suicide. Today, Suleman says the entire interview was fabricated.

“I love all my children,” she told “I do not regret them and it’s ridiculous that I have to continue to defend myself against these disgusting fabricated lies.”

Suleman asserts that every single allegation and quote attributed to her in the article was completely made up, and says that some claims — like her locking herself in the bathroom for hours on end to cry — are completely impossible.

“I hardly have 30 seconds to go to the rest room,” she said. “I could never lock myself in the bathroom for hours.”

Octomom has not indicated whether or not she intends to sue the magazine for defamation, but she could use the cash. The unemployed single mom of 14 is hustling to pay the rent with various gigs like an upcoming appearance on Celebridate, a celebrity boxing match, bikini photo shoots, MMA fights and paid interviews.

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