Bachelor Pad winner defends Bachelorette Bentley brouhaha

Almost everyone agrees that Bachelorette bad-boy Bentley Williams is a jerk. But was ABC right to let him play poor Ashley Hebert like that? Bachelor Pad winner Natalie Getz gives SheKnows her expert opinion.

Last season’s Bachelor Pad winner Natalie Getz knows all too well the tricks producers play to make ABC’s hit shows, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, successful.

Natalie Getz Bachelor Pad

Why they brought Bentley back

“They want good TV,” Getz told SheKnows, defending the producers’ choice to bring the infamous Bentley Williams back into the mix on last week’s episode. “At the end of the day they’re not friends with her. They’re egging it on.”

In their defense, Getz said she thinks the ultimate goal of bringing the Bachelorette’s bad boy to Tokyo last week was to help Ashley Hebert finally move on.

“The creator of the show really wants a successful love story; so if he wanted Ashley to fall in love, they knew that they had to bring Bentley back to tell Ashley, ‘I do not want to be with you,'” said Getz. “Otherwise, she would have turned down the proposal at the end and went to Salt Lake City to be with him. I think they had to pay that money and get him out there, just so he could dump her.”

She also points out that this is reality TV. In real life, girls don’t get to hear what guys say behind their back.

“It’s showing people what really happens in relationships and what a typical player does to a girl,” Getz told SheKnows. “I think it’s a big eye opener to dating.”

Who she thinks will win

Luckily for Ashley, we hear she ends up happy with one of the show’s good guys. Getz thinks it’s J.P. Rosenbaum.

“I think J.P. is going to take it home,” said Getz. “J.P. all the way.”

So how’s dating life going for Getz post-Pad? The bubbly blond told us she’s not looking to settle down anytime soon.

“I love guys,” Getz said. “If I had to name a chapter after every guy I’m seeing right now, it would probably be a long read.”

Bachelor Pad: Season two

In addition to writing a fashion blog, co-hosting a Bachelorette version of The View, and juggling her dates, Getz told us she is also guest starring on season two of the Bachelor Pad, where the drama will be epic as usual.

“It was hilarious because we filmed three episodes into it and you could already see all the drama between people,” said Getz. “With Jake [Pavelka], Vienna [Girardi], and Kasey [Kahl] on, that alone is going to be a sight. I have talked to people and from what I hear it is going to be very, very dramatic.”

We asked Getz if she is Team Jake or Team Vienna, and the answer was not too surprising.

“I’m friends with Vienna, so if I had to pick a team it would be Team Vienna,” Getz told SheKnows. “I think Jake is just a very irritating human being.”

Ow, burn!


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