What killed Macho Man Randy Savage?

What killed Macho Man Randy Savage? The wrestler died after a car crash last month — but was it the accident that killed him?

Macho Man Randy Savage

Wrestling star Macho Man Randy Savage died in a car accident last month — but it turns out the crash is not what killed him. According to Florida authorities, Savage was felled by a massive heart attack, which left him unresponsive and caused the crash.

According to the St. Petersburg Sun Times, “An autopsy by the Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner’s Office revealed that Savage had an enlarged heart with severe atherosclerosis of his coronary arteries and more than 90 percent blockage. The cause of death was determined to be atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, or heart disease. The manner of death was determined to be natural.”

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Doctors say Savage had no idea he had cardiovascular disease and was not undergoing any treatment for the condition.

The autopsy found that Savage suffered only minor scrapes and bruising from the impact of his Jeep into a tree. His wife, Barbara Poffo, suffered similar minor injuries.

Savage was also found to have a low blood alcohol level of 0.031, meaning he had a drink but was below the legal limit, and a “therapeutic level” of the powerful painkiller hydrocodone in his blood, for which he had a valid prescription.

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