Kate Moss wedding security team: Tall, tattooed and nude

Kate Moss’ wedding day has arrived! Here to help the bride’s big day go off without a hitch are a high-end security team, transgender ushers and naked musclemen.

Kate Moss’ wedding weekend is about to kick off! Among the bride-to-be’s top concerns is shielding prying paparazzi lenses from her intimate ceremony, which has led Kate Moss to take some unusual security measures.

Kate Moss wedding

So how will Kate Moss ensure her wedding day stays private? By shutting down two whole towns, erecting a huge fence (see a pic below!) and employing some unique security guards.

Two-town takeover:

Residents of two small towns near Cotswolds, South West England, have been invaded by the Kate Moss wedding security mission. The bride-to-be has closed off access to the towns and issued her 400 guests, including 18 bridesmaids, security permits they will be required to show to be allowed in.

An insider told The Sun, “Kate hopes closing the towns will ensure there’s no unwanted intrusion on her big day.”

“Guests will have to flash permits to security who will be lining the roads leading into the town. Locals have also received permits so they can come and go as they please.”

The fence that Kate Moss built:

Once Kate Moss’ wedding guests have made it past security on the street they’ll have to find their way inside the enormous fence the 37-year-old has had erected. Fences have been placed around her Cotswolds property to shield the uninvited from snapping pics of the festivities.

Kate Moss wedding security

Security guards with a twist:

The welcoming committee at Kate Moss’ wedding is made up of a unique lot. One wedding guest revealed, “Kate has hired a small team of transvestites to chaperone guests to the toilets and back to their seats. Most of them will be 6′ 5″ in their heels.”

“She’s also having naked musclemen with fake tattoos on their backs and chests of Kate and Jamie’s names and faces. Kate’s hoping guests will have pictures with them.”

What do you think of Kate Moss’ wedding security plan?

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