Paris Hilton hooks up with Hangover director Todd Phillips

Jul 1, 2011 at 10:47 a.m. ET

Paris is so over her last relationship, and she's already moved on. Now she's getting it on with The Hangover director Todd Phillips.

paris hiltonParis Hilton has wasted no time in moving on to a new guy because she was spotted out on the town hanging all over her new man, The Hangover director Todd Phillips. Maybe someone should remind Paris that the last time she started dating a guy who liked being behind the camera, the affair resulted in an X-rated movie.

Hilton and Phillips were seen at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where the new couple checked out Beacher's Madhouse, the kooky vaudeville show made famous by David Arquette which features a midget that likes to give lap dances.

At the performance, the two hooked up with Hilton's little sister Nicky Hilton. The celebrity trio tucked into a private booth to avoid too many stares from the less-famous crowd and the pair could be seen making out throughout the evening. Earlier, Hilton and Phillips had stopped by the Chateau Marmont patio and had drinks with friends.

Less than two weeks ago, Hilton split from boyfriend Cy Waits. "I feel like the relationship ran its course and we'll see what happens," she said of their breakup. Reportedly, Hilton dumped Waits because he was too "clingy."

Phillips, 40, got his start as one of the cab drivers on HBO's Taxicab Confessions. The director hit the big time when he directed The Hangover, which has grossed over $480 million. The sequel, The Hangover Part II, is the highest-grossing R-rated comedy in history.