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Kelli defends fantasy murder in Gave Up On Love video

NYC Prep’s Kelli Tomashoff has released her first song, Gave Up On Love, and the video has people buzzing. Has the video, which depicts a fantasy murder, gone too far? Find out what Kelli says about her music video.

Kelli Tomashoff

Kelli Tomashoff has moved on from Bravo’s NYC Prep and has released her first song called Gave Up On Love. The song has a fun dance-club vibe and has reached number 18 on the Billboard Breakout Dance Club Chart, however, it is her music video for Gave Up On Love that has created a stir.

The video, which has already reached over 662,581 views in four days, depicts her tying down her boyfriend and murdering him after she finds out he has been cheating on her.

How does 19-year-old Kelli respond to the criticism over this fantasy murder in her video? She says the song “is sung through the state of mind of a young person feeling betrayed by someone they trusted.”

She says that the video is not meant to be taken literally. “With that being said, once one feels this way, their mind wanders to a fantasy world where they can force the betrayer to feel the exact pain that they felt,” she says. “I am not preaching that is the right thing to do, but it is the state of mind and the strength is being able to come to terms with the way you feel and then letting it go — especially in a kick-ass jump-suit!”

Kelli says this video also touches on the disappearance of monogamy today. “In this day and age, monogamy is just as shocking as infidelity. We don’t have the best role models today, in the public eye, that represent the sanctity of marriage and faithfulness.”

She says she hopes the video depicts the message of “being open to love but to leave the love that consumes you in a negative way behind.”

From Rihanna to Eminem, what do you think of this trend of violence in music videos?

Watch Kelli’s Gave Up On Love video:

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