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Hip hop’s Lil B says I’m Gay

Underground hip hop star Lil B releases an album called I’m Gay and Lupe Fiasco calls it one of the best rap albums he’s heard in a long time.

Lil B

Hip hop’s Lil B is gay, but he’s not out.

The Berkeley, California underground star, also known as the Based God, is getting lots of attention for his latest album, I’m Gay, which was released via iTunes on Wednesday. However, when Lil B says he’s gay, he’s referring to his mood, not his sexual orientation.

He’s looking to break down the negative power of words and stereotypes.

“Don’t let a word make you discriminate upon another human,” Lil B said when he appeared on MTV’s Rap Fix Live in May. “Because at the end of the day, no matter what you do, I should be happy for you, because you’re alive. You’re living life.”

Hip hop star Lupe Fiasco is firmly in his corner.

“I actually think callin his album I’m Gay is GENIUS & Revolutionary,” tweeted Fiasco on Thursday. “I’ll stamp it now. I’m Gay is one of the best rap albums I heard in a looooong time.”

Lil B’s fans have been supportive.

“Thank you for I’m Gay Lil B,” posted a fan on his Facebook page. “Inspirational, rare, based, positive. My (blank) for the summer for sure.”

“It’s so awesome,” posted another. “(Lil B’s) the new Tupac, I’m tellin’ yall.”

Others were not so supportive.

“It’s a sin to be gay so no man should act gay or be gay cause that’s going against God,” read another post.

Attempts to reach Lil B for comment were unsuccessful.

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