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America’s Got Talent: The many faces of Narcissister


America’s Got Talent hit the Big Apple and one performer’s many faces left the judges speechless. Read on to find out more about Narcissister and see her incredible talent.

We’ve had a lot of fun bringing you some great videos of this season’s America’s Got Talent auditions. We’ve brought you birds, an ode to Piers Morgan and an 11-year-old music sensation. This time, it’s a bit more, shall we say, unique.

America's Got Talent

This week’s Tuesday audition video comes to you from America’s Got Talent contestant Narcissister. The name alone should warn you that it’s going to be special, but you really have to see the act to judge for yourself.

When we saw Narcissister with Nick Cannon backstage, dressed in a cape-like outfit and mask, we knew we were in for a treat. Then she began the act and we were sold. She had masks on both her face and the back of her head and when she contorted it looked like she was another person. It was pretty freaking clever! She totally belongs in Vegas. Keep in mind, we keep calling her, well, her because we haven’t seen Narcissister’s face and we’re assuming she’s a girl based on voice and name alone.

Howie Mandel took the words out of our mouth: “You intrigue me, so I want to say yes!”

Check out Narcissister’s America’s Got Talent audition and tell us if you think she is Las Vegas material. If you don’t think so, watch the video again — eventually you will.

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