Selena Gomez doesn't want to smell like Justin Bieber

Jun 28, 2011 at 5:17 p.m. ET

Justin Bieber gave his girlfriend Selena Gomez a bottle of his new perfume, Someday, but the starlet won’t wear it!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was so excited about his new perfume, Someday, that he gave a bottle to his girlfriend Selena Gomez and to his mom.

"Selena has got a bottle but she stopped wearing it when she realized Justin's mother was wearing it too," a source said. "Selena doesn't want to smell like Justin's mom and she feels the scent is more for his fans anyway."

Bieber said he developed the scent of the fragrance "100 percent" and said he loves the way it smells. "If I was at a meet-and-greet and smelled this on a certain someone, then I would be like, 'Wow, that smells really good.'"

Talk about a good promoter! You know every girl out there with Bieber fever will be dousing herself with Someday perfume before a Justin Bieber concert.

He told People that the name is inspired by fulfilling your dreams in life. "It explains a dream. Someday I will drive a BMW. Someday I will be an astronaut."

The Biebs revealed he is sticking to female fragrances... for now. "I'm not opposed to it," Bieber said about creating a male scent, "but I'm more into how females smell."

Is he offended by Selena's refusal to wear his perfume? I can understand her reservations -- and, honestly, I'm kind of surprised she hasn't launched her own perfume.