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Angry Birds going to the movies

The Angry Birds are coming! Run for your lives! The mobile game that has captivated millions across the globe is being turned into a feature length movie. That’s weird, right?

Hollywood has had plenty of success adapting traditional video games, so why should the mobile market be any different? Last year there were rumors that Angry Birds was headed to the big screen but the development process was moving at a snail’s pace. But that’s all about to change now that the Birds have a new producer.

Angry Birds is coming to the big screen

Does the name David Maisel ring a bell? If not, allow us to fill you in. He’s a former Marvel Studio executive and one of the people responsible for bringing Iron Man to the big screen. He knows a thing or two about adapting a successful product.

Rovio, the company behind the Angry Birds game, is ready to take their company to the next level by making it a huge entertainment brand. They want to take on every spectrum in film and television.

Writers are currently working on a script for Angry Birds, which will focus on the game’s backstory. We didn’t know the birds had a history to focus on, but then again, if they can turn a theme park ride (Pirates of the Caribbean) into a billion dollar franchise, anything is possible.

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