Anna Nicole Smith's daughter just fine without money says dad

Jun 28, 2011 at 11:06 a.m. ET

Larry Birkhead says that despite the Supreme Court ruling against the estate of Anna Nicole Smith in her suit against her late rich husband, their daughter Dannielynn will be just fine.

Larry Birkhead

When Anna Nicole Smith died, she left behind an infant daughter and a 15-year court battle for the huge estate of her much-older late rich husband. Now that the court battle over the inheritance is over -- the Supreme Court ruled against Anna Nicole's estate -- little Dannielynn's father Larry Birkhead says she'll be just fine, money or no money.

"You know, I was disappointed for Anna, because this was something she fought long and hard for nearly 15 years of her life and it was disappointing for her just because it took so much out of her," Birkhead told E! News. "It was just something that really affected her and stressed her out on a daily level... so now there's some closure to it."

"She has her family. She has me, her dad, she's loved, she has everything she needs. That's more important than any amount of money she could have received on behalf of her mother," he said.

"I've seen Anna be told no before and I've seen her hold her head up high, and I've seen her disappointed, so it's hard to say," said Birkhead of what he thought Smith's reaction might have been. "I think she might even feel relief that it's over. Look, she would just want to know Dannielynn's doing great and she is, she's healthy and happy and doing great, and it's not just about a big sack of money down."

That big sack of money added up to $89 million.

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