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Kristin Bauer talks True Blood and off-screen love

Despite how well she plays the hard as nails Pamela De Beaufort on HBO’s True Blood, Kristin Bauer is worlds apart from the fierce and cruel nature of her television counterpart. We were able to sit down with the gorgeous actress just days before the season four premiere of her wildly popular series to get the scoop on the show, the cast and the fairy tale love story that she lives out every day off-screen.

Kristin Bauer True Blood interview
Kristin Bauer sheds tears over her favorite True Blood castmate.

From tearing up while talking about close friend and co-star Alexander Skarsgard to passionately discussing her quest to save animals and the environment, it is clear just how big this woman’s heart is. Luckily we had some tissues on hand!

In addition to our sentimental moments, Bauer also took the opportunity to talk True Blood, revealing to us her hopes for the future of the show. If things go her way, Pam will get a girlfriend, she’ll become “a maker,” and they’ll get a few ghosts to round out the supernatural ensemble.

Watch the interview to hear all the True Blood Buzz from Kristin.

true love

If you want to hear Kristin tell her fairy tale love story complete with photos from her wedding day, grab your tissues and check out the interview here. >>

Help support Kristin’s animal rescue efforts with The Amanda Foundation Rescue.

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