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What crazy color did Katy Perry dye her hair?

Katy Perry is known for her long, dark locks — when she’s not wearing a wig, that is. So what radical color did she dye it?

katy perry hairKaty Perry has given up her dark locks to become a… redhead! But, alas, that’s not the hair color she wanted, the pop star tweeted after the transformation of her locks.

“Tonight I dye my hair a different color… Can you guess which color?!” Perry teased her Twitter followers.

“So I didn’t get to the exact color I wanted from being black for so long!” she tweeted the next day. “2get to goal I have 2b GINGER for 3WKS.”

Katy is a redhead, but she’s not too happy about that, it seems. The alternative? Going bald.

“If I don’t wait 3wks, I’ll end up w/no hair or a #pixie90scutw/abarretteinthefront,” she confessed. “It’s okay, I’ll get to my secret color(s) soon! #patience.”

That has us wondering what color Katy is planning on going. Blue, like the Cookie Monster wig she wears during performances on her California Dreams tour? Or could it be that Perry wants to be blonde, like Marilyn Monroe or Anna Nicole? After all, that’s her original color. Of course, it could be something more unique, like Katy. We’re thinking cotton candy pink, maybe.

Perhaps Perry is praying for her perfect hair color. After all, the singer revealed she prayed for breasts and got them.

What color do you think Katy will dye her hair?

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