George Clooney: Elisabetta Canalis drove him nuts

Why did George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis break up? Find out new details that drove this Hollywood couple apart. Plus — has Elisabetta already found a new man?

George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis

George Clooney is a bachelor again after recently breaking up with Italian model Elisabetta Canalis after two years together. Many were surprised that the couple called it quits, however, insiders reveal there were signs that they were heading for splitsville.

A source told Us Weekly that a trip during New Year’s in Mexico did not bode well for the couple and could have been the beginning of the end. “She drove him nuts,” a source told the magazine, saying there was “non-stop bickering over little things… He would only hang out with his friends, and more or less left her to herself and her friends.”

Clooney, 50, also has been “creating distance” from Canalis, 32, by throwing himself into work, including his new movie Gravity with Sandra Bullock.

The couple announced their split on Wednesday, calling it “very difficult and very personal” and a source told SheKnows: “It’s true. He’s single.”

What were they fighting about? The commitment-phobic Clooney had said all along he has no interest in marriage, while Canalis said in an interview: “In the future I will be married…” That probably says it all right there!

In the meantime, Canalis seems to be handling the breakup fairly well, as she was spotted flirting with Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade at a fashion show in Italy.