Weeds and The Big C return to Showtime Monday!

Showtime’s Mary-Louise Parker and Laura Linney are back in primetime and no surprise, Nancy and Cathy are already getting into trouble.

Here’s the scoop on the new seasons of Weeds and The Big C, which kick off Monday night and bring Alan Alda, Parker Posey, Aidan Quinn, Lindsay Sloane, Martin Short and Hugh Dancy to Showtime.

Weeds and The Big C return Monday, June 27

Weeds and The Big C return to Showtime with new episodes on Monday, June 27 at 10 p.m.

SheKnows has the scoop and trailers for the final season of Weeds and the sophomore season of The Big C!

Weeds: final season

First, Weeds takes a time jump for its seventh and final season, catching up with parolee Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) on her way to New York City.

Though it was her son Shane (Alexander Gould) who took out Mexican mob boss Pilar, drug-dealing Mamma Botwin is doing the time — three years in the federal slammer, so far.

Weeds season 7 finds Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) on her way to a halfway house

After sharing a juicy goodbye kiss with her Russian prison mate Zoya, however, Nancy is released to finish her time at a tightly run halfway house — without protection.

Hearing mom is out of lockup, Shane leads the charge and brings the fam back together. He, lady killer Andy (Justin Kirk), model Silas (Hunter Parrish) and baby Stevie have been hiding out in Copenhagen with Doug (Kevin Nealon) and will head back to the States.

Aidan Quinn, Lindsay Sloane and Martin Short will get in on the fun as guest stars in the final season of Weeds.

Will it be drug business as usual this year, or has Nancy learned her lesson?

Weeds trailer


Then school’s back in session on The Big C and in season two, everyone knows about Cathy’s (Laura Linney) stage four melanoma cancer.

Laura Linney's Cathy is ready to fight her cancer in The Big C's sophomore season

After spending the first season in denial, Cathy is finally fighting the good fight, with the help of her personal “cancierge” Paul (Oliver Platt). Marlene (Phyllis Somerville), who took her own life last season, is also there to weigh in.

Unfortunately, while her hubby has stepped up to the plate, the reveal that Cathy has cancer has turned their son Adam (Gabriel Basso) into even more of a handful. Unwilling to leave this planet before whipping Adam into a stand-up guy, Cathy does her best– and worst! — to get in with an experimental oncologist (Alan Alda). Young Andrea (Gabourey Sidibe) will also continue to call Adam out on his stupidity, but it could be Parker Posey’s character who finally opens his eyes.

Meanwhile, Cathy’s brother Sean (John Benjamin Hickey) is still trying to digest his sister’s news, as well as the bombshell that he and his girlfriend Rebecca (Cynthia Nixon) are expecting a baby. Hugh Dancy also guest stars this season and plays a fellow cancer patient.

The Big C trailer


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