Chris Brown spews anti-gay remarks... again

Jun 22, 2011 at 5:34 p.m. ET

Singer Chris Brown has been caught making new homophobic slurs, and this time he's not apologizing.

chris brown fightChris Brown's latest anti-gay remarks are sure to cause an outcry. Today, Brown was spotted hurling offensive and homophobic accusations at a group of photographers who he claimed had caused him to get a parking ticket.

"Ya'll [expletive] is weak," Brown shouted at a group of onlookers who were videotaping the R&B singer as he approached his illegally parked car. "Did ya'll call them to try and film me? Ya'll [expletive] is gay."

After his tirade, Brown approached the parking ticket officer on the scene and attempted to sweet-talk her out of giving him a ticket. When Brown asked her how she was doing and put his arm around her, the officer giggled.

"You know, you can't give a ticket to C-Breezy," one of the videographers told the officer. Brown then retreated back into the music studio where he was working today.

"So Chris Brown doesn't get a ticket today?" the cameraman asked the officer. "Is it 'cause you're a fan?"

"No, absolutely not," the woman responded as one of Brown's associates drove off in the vehicle.

Earlier this week, rumors spread that Brown had sent Rihanna a naked photo of himself on Twitter.

"You got that pic I sent you?" Brown tweeted his pop-star ex-girlfriend. Supposedly, the photo, which he had sent to her by direct message, was graphic in nature. The two famously split after Brown was arrested for assaulting Rihanna.

Last year, Brown was caught up in another anti-gay tirade scandal. In a Twitter beef with R&B singer Raz-B, Brown fired off a graphic homophobic tweet depicting Raz-B as a homosexual. Later, Brown denied he was homophobic.

"HOMOPHOBE?" he tweeted, "C'mon, find a better tactic."