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Rehab time for Teen Mom Amber Portwood

After a recent suicide attempt, Teen Mom Amber Portwood isn’t taking any more chances with her health. The mother of two-year-old daughter Leah with Gary Shirley is checking into rehab.

Amber Portwood is packing up her things and heading to California for rehab. The young mother featured on MTV’s Teen Mom is seeking professional help after attempting suicide just over a week ago.

When emergency responders arrived at the Indiana home of Amber Portwood, they found the 21-year-old with a noose around her neck. She later confessed to taking a large number of pills.

On the heels of a 72-hour watch at the hospital, Amber Portwood has made the wise decision to seek further professional help. She tells Star magazine, “I am going to rehab for anger control issues and depression.”

“I’m on medication at the moment to just help me relax,” continues Amber, pictured here with Gary Shirley and their daughter, Leah. “I’m in a vulnerable state right now and I know people want a lot of answers.”

No word on when Amber Portwood will make the trip west to enter rehab, but in the meantime she’s seeking help at home. She explains, “Before I go to California I’m pursuing help with a psychiatrist. My daughter is keeping me strong.”

Here’s hoping that Amber Portwood’s rehab visit can help this Teen Mom get on the right track!


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