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Denis Leary gets back to TV laughs for new USA pilot Sirens

With the dark world of Rescue Me coming to a close after this summer, Denis Leary and Jim Serpico are staying in the hero business, but this time, they’re going for laughs. The duo is partnering with USA network to develop and co-write a half-hour comedy pilot based on Sirens, a highly anticipated British series about young paramedics. Plus, SheKnows has a Rescue Me tease from Callie Thorne!

Denis Leary developing half hour comedy Sirens with USA

Comedian Denis Leary took a break from the laughs when 911 inspired him to co-create and star in the fiery world of Rescue Me back in 2004. With his intense eight-season run as damaged fireman Tommy coming to a close, Leary’s getting loose in the writers’ room with Bob Fisher (Wedding Crashers, Traffic Light) to adapt the six-part UK comedy series Sirens.

“Swept along by an endless tide of bodily fluids rarely their own, the Sirens trio bicker, fight and shag their way through the darkly funny maelstrom of their lives,” previews a USA network release. “Behind the uniforms, the sirens and the incredibly fast driving, they are three ordinary blokes trying to make it through yet another shift. But once they’ve finished saving other people’s lives, they need to salvage their own.”

The original Sirens — created by Brian Fillis and inspired by EMT paramedic Tom Reynolds’ book, Blood, Sweat and Tea — hasn’t yet premiered on British Channel 4, but there is a preview to check out (see video below).

The exec producing team behind the US adaptation on USA includes Leary, Fisher, Jim Serpico (Rescue Me), Hal Vogel and David Aukin (Hyde Park on the Hudson, End Game, The Promise).

Rescue Me sidestep: Wild Wrap-UP Preview

Callie Thornes teases Rescue Me final season

While the new team gets to work on their new project, the final nine episodes of Rescue Me are set to run on FX this summer, starting Wednesday, July 13 at 10 p.m.

Word from SheKnows’ set visit to Callie Thorne’s new show, Necessary Roughness, is that this final run of Rescue Me will walk the line between what you expect and “something very, very outside the box.”

“It’s not like anything gets tied into a bow, because Rescue Me would rather burn itself in hell than tie up in a bow,” Thorne teases. “But [after all] the angst we’ve seen Sheila go through over the seasons, she finally lets go of that horrific dream and lust of Tommy replacing her dead husband and all the havoc she’s caused everybody. There’s more a family thing that comes together. “

With her son having been taken down in a fire, there’s also likely more heartbreak.

Stay tuned for more on this and the Necessary Roughness premiere, coming soon to SheKnows. In the meantime, check out the vibe of Leary’s new show.

Sirens Sneak Peek: Leary’s inspiration

Here’s a preview of the UK version, which premieres this summer and stars Game of Thrones‘ Richard Madden, Kayvan Novak (Four Lions, Fonejacker) and Rhys Thomas (Bellamy’s People, Beyond the Pole).

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