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Nicole Richie busts a move in Britney dance-off video

Nicole Richie is one serious Britney Spears fan! Check out the video of Nicole and a male friend having an impromptu dance-off to the singer’s Slave 4 U hit.

Proving that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Nicole Richie went head-to-head in a Britney Spears dance-off just hours before her big Femme Fatale concert.

So who won the Nicole Richie Slave 4 U dance-off? Watch the video below and judge for yourself!

Nicole Richie shared the video of her best Britney moves Monday night, writing on her official Twitter page, “In honor of my queen, @BritneySpears — Can’t wait to dance tonight!”

It appears the mother of Harlow and Sparrow with husband Joel Madden was hanging out with friends before heading to Britney’s concert when someone got the bright idea for a dance-off. Lucky for us cameras were rolling and Nicole was in the mood to share her Britney tribute!

The video, titled Britney Dance Off, starts off with Nicole’s words, “What was that, Scotty? Do you REALLY want to challenge me to a Britney dance-off? Okkaaaaaayyyy…” From there, Slave 4 U music takes over, Nicole and Scotty dance head-to-head, and she appears to out-move and outlast her worthy opponent. “Who’s next?” the video concludes.

Judging by her moves, something tells us this isn’t Nicole’s first time working on the Slave 4 U choreography!

Are you impressed by Nicole Richie’s Britney dance video?

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