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Fashion emergency! Aretha Franklin fractures toe in Jimmy Choos

Aretha Franklin broke her left toe — and her spiked Jimmy Choo is to blame. Talk about a fashion emergency!

Aretha Franklin

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin may be switching to flats for the time being as she recovers from a broken toe. The culprit? Her spiked Jimmy Choos.

Franklin, 69, tripped and got her toe caught in her spiked Jimmy Choo heels while staying in a Dallas hotel. (That sounds much more glamorous than tripping over the heels in my closet that I got on sale at Target!)

“It hurt like heck for a minute, but seemed to subside,” Franklin said.

She continued on with her tour, but after it continued to hurt they made a detour at the Community North Hospital in Indianapolis. X-rays confirmed she broke her left index toe.

Franklin is looking at the positive side of it. “I’m so grateful it wasn’t my right piano [pedal] foot,” she said. “I have a gig on July 27th at the Jones Beach Theatre in New York!”

She is still scheduled to perform a show Tuesday in Virginia — and has another fashion emergency brewing. “How am I supposed to match my new Marc Jacobs gown with this wooden blue hospital shoe?” she joked.

Although her toe injury is minor, Franklin had a life-threatening health scare earlier this year. She never revealed the exact cause of her health issues, but she is now 85 pounds lighter and is looking great.

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