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A girl’s guide to Green Lantern

This weekend Ryan Reynolds’ superhero alter ego Hal Jordan will make his debut in Green Lantern. Even though it’s one of the summer’s most anticipated films some of you are still a little confused about its plot. But don’t worry because SheKnows is here to drop some Green Lantern knowledge!

Who is Hal Jordan and why should you care?

We’re sure Ryan Reynolds (the reigning Sexiest Man Alive) is enough to warrant a Green Lantern ticket but there’s more to Hal Jordan than his looks. He’s a professional pilot by day and a superhero by night. Plus, Jordan is the first human being ever to join the Lantern Corps, which leads us to our next topic.

Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds

What the heck is the Lantern Corps?

The Lantern Corps is an elite group of intergalactic peacekeepers. They’re kind of like the space police or military. They traditionally consist of alien beings that are led by a group of elderly creatures called the Guardians.

What’s a Power Ring?

It’s a really amazing piece of jewelry. The ring is a force to be reckoned with that chooses its owners. Once it’s connected to a person or being, it becomes one with their psyche. It can manifest anything you think of — swords, guns, sticks, hammers, etc. It also allows you to fly and protects you with a force field.

Who are the bad guys?

Peter Sarsgaard stars as Hector Hammond, a talented scientist who turns into a power hungry sociopath. In the film, Hammond finds fragments from a meteor and they cause his brain to grow to a size that gives him the power of telepathy and telekinesis. And there’s also Parallax, which is an intergalactic being that literally feeds on fear. Imagine what will happen if and when these two get together.

Where are the women?

Blake Lively and Angela Bassett play integral roles in the lives of the movie’s hero and its villain. Lively plays Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan’s boss and love interest, who’s spunky, levelheaded and serious about planes. Bassett stars as Amanda Waller, a highly intelligent and ambitious woman who helps Hector Hammond gain otherworldly powers.

Who should you keep an eye out for?

Sinestro! Mark Strong plays the purple alien who serves as Jordan’s mentor when he enters the Lantern Corps. If you’re not familiar with the comic you should know there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye but we won’t spoil it for you.

Aside from the actors we’ve already mentioned, the cast of Green Lantern consists of Tim Robbins, and the voice talents of Geoffrey Rush and Michael Clarke Duncan. Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) directs the movie that opens everywhere on June 17.

Green Lantern trailer

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