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NBC Utah affiliate refuses to air The Playboy Club

NBC’s new show The Playboy Club isn’t feeling the love from everyone. An NBC affiliate in Utah is refusing to air the show.

It was only a matter of time before someone made life difficult for the new NBC show The Playboy Club.

The Playboy Club

Salt Lake City’s NBC affiliate KSL revealed on June 13 it will not be airing the new drama from the peacock network. KSL’s argument? It doesn’t want to be a part of a project that “stands for pornography.”

If you’re not familiar with the hierarchy of KSL, the affiliate is owned by Deseret Media Companies. Deseret Media is owned by a unit in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints — the Mormon church.

The Parents Television Council and Morality in Media have waged their own campaign against the show, asking affiliates to ditch the sexy new show, but KSL is the only affiliate making an issue out of The Playboy Club.

KSL is placing its reasoning on the name and to be honest, we’ve been waiting for someone to make a mountain out of a molehill with the show simply for the name alone.

And let’s look at it this way: Sure, it’s bound to have some women in tiny clothes — it is called The Playboy Club — but will it be any more “shocking” than the murders displayed on some of the crime drama shows? Nowadays, women and men, for that matter, in barely-there clothing have become a staple for many late evening dramas.

Salt Lake City Tribune’s TV columnist Scott D. Pierce said, “I can say without hesitation that every episode of Law & Order: SVU is more ‘adult’ than the pilot of The Playboy Club. And KSL has aired almost 300 episodes of that show.”

What do you think of KSL’s choice to not air The Playboy Club?

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