Lucy Hale spills on the new Pretty Little Liars season

Jun 13, 2011 at 6:57 p.m. ET

SheKnows is with Lucy Hale (Aria) at the ABC building in Burbank to talk love triangles on the show, what the girls do off set, her fave Internet shopping sites and what she really wishes the writers would let Lucy do on Pretty Little Liars before the show finally wraps.

Picture this gorgeous, petite brunette wearing a trendy Alice and Olivia black cocktail dress embellished with faux gems and lots of chains. Let's dish with Lucy Hale!

Lucy Hale in Pretty Little Liars

Lucy Hale talks Liars

SheKnows: Pretty Little Liars is starting up in the summer. Do you have any summer plans this year?

Lucy Hale: I'm going to Rome in June. My best friend is getting married. So I'm really excited. Well, I literally am going to be there for a day and a half because I have to get back to work. But they gave me two days off. So I'm going to go on a weekend and do that. And we're doing a lot of traveling this summer, like New York and Toronto. I love traveling and I don't get to do it a lot.

SheKnows: Go ahead and tell us all the major things that happen this season (yeah, right).

Lucy Hale: I'll share what I can. We pick up where we left off in the finale. We're trying to track down Ian's body and we don't know if he's really dead. If he is "A," did he kill Alison? If he's not, who is "A?" Did "A" kill Ian? All these different questions. But as far as Aria's storyline, she's still with Mr. Fitz and he's no longer a teacher at the school. He's teaching at a college now. And so they can legally date in Pennsylvania. They actually went and figured out that it is legal in Pennsylvania when she's 16 or 17, to date an older man. So she's doing that.

SheKnows: Yay!

The Liars love triangle

Lucy Hale: Ah, but there's a love triangle. There's someone else that catches Aria's eye who is more age appropriate, I guess you could say. And she's just dealing with her brother. What we're filming now is Aria's little brother is rebelling a lot in a major way and that's another thing to add to the whole mixture of her crazy life.

Pretty Little Liars premieres June 14

SheKnows: So, anything more on this love triangle?

Lucy Hale: It's very interesting. It makes her realize how much she really is risking by being with Ezra. The two guys are completely different -- like couldn't be more opposite. So I don't know at this point, which guy she's going to choose. I don't know. Noel is not in the love triangle but he is involved in the second season. That's all I can say.

SheKnows: Are you personally more attracted to an older guy or age-appropriate guy?

Lucy Hale: I've dated both. I don't discriminate on anything, you know. All options.

SheKnows: Troian and Shay were saying how you girls are all close friends -- so between the four of you, who gives the best advice?

Lucy Hale: Probably Troian. Troian is very intelligent and she grew up in this business with her dad being who he is (producer Donald Bellisario). And she's just seen it all. And she's so grounded. She is like the older sister. She's just very smart. Not that the other girls aren't. She's wise like beyond her years wise -- like old soul to the max. She's really cool -- really funny, too. I don't think people realize she is so funny.

Lucy Hale visits with SK

Inside Pretty Little Liars

SheKnows: Before Pretty Little Liars is over finally, what do you wish the show runners would let Aria do that she never gets to do that you think would be fun for you as an actress?

Lucy Hale: In season two they actually are showing more of her lighter side. I feel like Aria's very sarcastic. And they're giving her more lines like that. And I just want to see them all just go do something fun without "A," drama free. Yeah, just like an episode of nothing goes wrong. I know that's why the show is successful because everything goes wrong, but I want to see them travel. There are talks of maybe New York for the third season for an episode. Whether that happens, I don't know. But that would be fun.

SheKnows: What's been your favorite off-screen bonding moment with your co-stars?

Lucy Hale: We went to Toronto in February. I mean nothing really special happened but we all just went out one night and had dinner. It was just really fun. And it just made me realize I work with some pretty cool girls. We have a good time all the time, though.

SheKnows: Are you ladies still on your laptops shopping between scenes on set? On a set visit, I saw you doing that.

Lucy Hale: All the time. It's an issue. It's got to stop. We have fun, though. I like ASOS, Revolve Clothing, Topshop. There's this really cool one called, which is all homemade stuff. Each seller has their different site within this site. And you can find anything, like things that nobody else will have. They sell food on there, too. And it's like I would not buy food from someone I don't know. That's a little weird. I draw the line there.

SheKnows: How has this show changed your life?

Lucy Hale: It's changed my time. It's mainly a lot of scheduling changes. We're working every day of the week. We have the weekends off. But my personal life hasn't really changed. I get recognized here and there but I don't get chased around by the paparazzi or anything. I'm just a lot busier and get to go to fun events and wear dresses that I would never get to wear.

SheKnows: What is it about you that makes you like acting?

Lucy Hale: I just enjoy being artistic. I love singing. I love cooking. I like to paint. I'm not good at it but I like to do it. It's just a way of expressing myself and I feel like you really learn a lot about who you are. You're always growing and you're always taking one step forward. You're always going to become a better actress. I get to work with great people. And it's really cool to be surrounded by people who are really passionate because it's just really inspiring.

Lucy Hale sings!

SheKnows: What's happening for you musically?

The cast of Pretty Little Liars

Lucy Hale: I just did an ABC Family movie with Warner Brothers, which will be out on DVD this fall and on ABC Family next year. It's called A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song and I play a singer. I got to record some music for that. It's going to be fun. I can't wait for the soundtrack to be released. And so aside from that I haven't really been working on anything. But I'd like to.

SheKnows: Who is the prince in this Cinderella Story?

Lucy Hale: His name is Freddie Stroma. And he's British and he's gorgeous. Yeah.

SheKnows: How do you like to unwind after an exhausting day on the set?

Lucy Hale: I love to catch up on my TiVo. I watch Modern Family and Glee. But I also watch really weird shows. My favorite show ever is Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. I love it. And I love Discovery Health Channel. It sounds really weird but I like watching surgery. So I love to watch TV and play music. I have a dog -- and then just sleep. Good old sleep. Yeah.

SheKnows: Who do you hope is a guest star on the show someday? I guess I'm asking for somebody you really like a lot and hope comes on.

Lucy Hale: Yeah, I have a girlfriend named Megan Park who is actually on Secret Life. And I think she would fit in really good on the show.