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Clarence Clemons suffers a stroke

Clarence Clemons, the legendary saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, has suffered a stroke while at home in Florida.

Clarence Clemons, the renowned saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, suffered a stroke on Sunday evening that has left him seriously ill.
Clarence Clemons Bruce Springsteen

The 69-year-old musician is said to be seriously ill — so much so that friends and loved ones have been advised to get to Florida ASAP, according to Showbiz411.

The stroke is just the latest in a long string of health problems for the Big Man, including a double knee replacement and spinal fusion surgery in 2010.

A stroke is pretty much the only thing that could keep Clemons away from making music. In February he told Rolling Stone, “As long as my mouth, hands and brain still work I’ll be out there doing it.”

“I’m going to keep going ’til I’m not there anymore. This is what’s keeping me alive and feeling young and inspired. My spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy told me that my purpose in life is to bring joy and light to the world, and I don’t know any better way to do then what I’m doing now.”

The legendary saxophonist has played with Bruce Springsteen since 1972.

Think you’re too young to know the work of Clarence Clemons? Never listened to a Bruce Springsteen song in your life? Think again: His work can be heard all over the new Lady Gaga album Born This Way, and he performed Edge of Glory with Gaga on the American Idol finale.

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